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Wheelchair Accessible

The term Wheelchair Accessible is open to interpretation. It does not represent universal standards of inches and feet, accommodations, logistics or availability. It has been abundantly clear as we travel that I require EXTRA of everything. It is only because my husband is proactive to figure out the details of my care that I am able to venture outside of our home!

As I have been reading through the book of Luke I noticed that it is written about people like me. Jesus healed. countless people with all types of conditions. They were able to seek him out all hours of the day any day of the week. In those days he was their only hope! Every moment of every day was harder than anything that I have had to endure. They would have been thrilled if they had the opportunity to live a facility with specialized care.

Today, many churches have nursing home ministries. They understand that even though we have incredible technology there are still health issues that go beyond being wheelchair accessible. I would like to thank everyone who serves in this capacity. You are making a huge impact and your kindness and care means more than you know! Being able to hear music and sermons that glorifies the Lord lifts their hearts FAR beyond the wheelchair or hospital bed.

Side Note...

Maybe, however, you are wired like me! You see someone you care about in a wheelchair or bed and you want to give them a hug. Sadly the traditional hugs are not going to exactly work. I have learned over the years with ALS that there is a safe and effective way to hug.

Universal Wheelchair Accessible Hugs...

Start from a standing position, facing your wheelchair friend...Put the closest side of your head gently on the closest side of their head...Place your hands on their shoulders and gently squeeze!


Verse...I Cor. 13:4 Love is...KIND...

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

Song: Thank you for giving to Lord

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