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Kimberly Carol Ordile

Kim Ordile and the whole family.

 Kimberly Carol (Kenyon) Ordile, age 55, of Lexington, South Carolina rose to her feet and ran to the arms of Jesus on  Friday, May 13th, 2022. She was at home with her family and parents when she ended her fight with ALS.  


Kim was born to Ronald and Carolyn (Kauffman) Kenyon on November 12, 1966, on Williams Airforce Base in Chandler,  Arizona. Four sisters would follow over the next twelve years: Kristin, Kerri, Koni and Kandace. Kim was an incredible  athlete at Connell High School. She excelled in volleyball, basketball and softball. She received many awards and led her  teams, specifically softball, to state championships. Kim went on to play basketball in college at Western Baptist (now  Corban University) in Salem, Oregon. She was adored by all and was crowned Homecoming Queen her senior year at  Western. Kim graduated with a B.A. in Education.  


After college Kim spent several years teaching abroad in both Brazil and Portugal. She returned to the states to be close  to family and continue her influence through education. Kim taught 6th grade at North County Christian School in  Ferguson, MO for several years. With her summers free Kim made her way down to work at Word of Life Florida  summer camp. It was there, in the summer of 1999 she met Louis Ordile and fell in love. After camp that summer Kim  moved out to Seattle where she had already committed to a teaching job. However, that assignment was short lived as  she just wanted to be near Lou. Kim moved back to Florida the spring of 2000.  


Lou and Kim were married on December 16, 2000, on the campus of Word of Life Florida (WOL,) where they first met.  They remained in Florida both accepting jobs at WOL. On February 16, 2002, Joseph Michael was born. Eleven months  later, on January 17, 2003, Jessa Joy joined the family. Kim and Lou stayed on staff and WOL until 2004 when they both  took jobs at Citrus Park Christian School in Tampa FL; Kim as the guidance counselor and Lou, vice principal.  


In 2011 the Ordiles made a big move to Atlantic City, NJ. Kim founded and directed the Pre-School program at Atlantic  Christian School. It was during this time that Kim first felt that something was changing in her body. She began seeking  answers and visited countless doctors for over two years. Finally in May 2015 she received confirmation of her ALS  diagnosis. The Ordiles remained in New Jersey for one more year before moving down to South Carolina to be near  Kim’s parents.  


As Kim’s body began to succumb to the effects of ALS, her spirit refused to. She continued her lifelong quest of covering  everyone around her in the love of Jesus. She had a devotional published (Rise Up and Walk) that documented her  journey with ALS. With the help of her eye-gaze computer she was able to write what God was teaching her and to  encourage others to rise above their own difficulties and challenges. Kim never asked for pity or sympathy but remained  unexplainably joyful, hopeful and resolute in her trust of the goodness of God. Kim put her trust in Jesus as a 5-year-old  little girl and her 50-year walk with Him culminated when she saw Him face to face on May 13th.  


Kim is survived by her husband, her sweetness, Louis Ordile, son Joseph, daughter Jessa; parents Col. Ron and Carol  Kenyon; sister Kristi & Gerald Ziemer, sister Kerri & Jeff Dern, sister Koni & Scott Brewer, sister Kandace & Michael  Terwilliger; 13 very loved nieces and nephews, and hundreds of friends who are forever changed by her love, example  and faith.  


“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present  troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last  forever!”

2 Cor 4:16-17  


A celebration service is scheduled for June 4, 2022, at Radius Church-Centerville  

Reverend Trey Shealy officiating  

Family Reception line 2:00-3:00  

Celebration Service 3:00-4:00  

4335 August Hwy, Gilbert SC 29054  


In lieu of flowers, please donate to the ALS Foundation in Kim’s honor, thank you!

Kim and Lou
kim family.jpeg
Kim and Lou with children
Joe and Jessa
Kim with her family and parents;
Carol and Ron
Kim with her four sisters;
Kristin, Kerri,      Koni, Kandace
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