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Who Knew?

Back in November after my tracheostomy surgery, a discharge supervisor came into my hospital room. She gave us a daunting list of all the things that would have to be arranged before I left the hospital. Granted I was still groggy from the anesthesia but all I could do was cry. The training my family would need was a scheduling issue, we needed helpers lined up for my around the clock care, there would be a  dozen boxes of medical supplies needed for my respirator, and I would need a hospital bed. Back in Saluda, my months worth of my feeding tube meals, diapers, bed pads, wipes and my other medical equipment, filled up my parents 900 square foot home where we were living. Logistically it was impossible!!  

BUT God... My sister Kerri and her husband Jeff, visiting from CA, were in the hospital room when

the discharge information was delivered. Days later they told us that they would be buying a home in Lexington and they would want us to be able to stay there. It would be closer to my parents and a hospital. The house would also be power wheelchair friendly, and have plenty room for everything we needed. Kerri and Jeff closed on a gorgeous home in Lexington the end of January. Who knew?  I started looking for furniture for the house on Facebook Marketplace in December. First Baptist Church of Lexington graciously rented a storage unit for us. By the time Covid-19 shut down everything we had the house safely furnished and utilities turned on. Who knew?  We were not planning on officially moving in to Lexington until Joe and Jessa finished school in Saluda (45 minutes away). My sister Kristin, her husband Gerald and daughter Brianna were back in the states from Romania visiting friends and family all over the US. When Covid-19 canceled their appointments and closed school for Joe and Jessa we packed up  the rest of our belongings and moved to Lexington. This allowed Kristin and her family to stay in my parents furnished home in Saluda. Who knew?   We have not been able to have outside assistance to help with my care the last 3 months. However, Joe and Jessa have been home. They have been  incredible caregivers, coming along side Lou. Helping him with things like: brushing my teeth, exfoliating my face, giving me my pills/supplements, putting lotion on my feet, socks and shoes, feeding tube meals, numerous suctions throughout the day, adjusting me, and tucking me in bed at night with all my pillows. It is definitely not easy to take care of me or even fun for that matter but no one could do it better. Joe and Jessa are capable and willing to help Lou the best. Who knew?  As for my medical supplies and equipment everything has a special place to fit. There is even room to spare for my new hospital bed. It was delivered and set up by a gentleman, wearing nothing short of a hazmat suit, the first week we were in Lexington. The master bedroom is so grand that I am able to sleep in the same room with Lou. My eye gaze computer actually came with a mount for the bed back in 2016. Now I'm able to use my computer at night to communicate with Lou. Who knew?  Looking back I am humbled by all God has done for me! I am crying Happy Tears. There is no part of ALS that is fun, especially for my family. Yet God keeps providing! His answer to our prayers for my healing are being answered by providing enough for today. The Lord is undeniably working in us and for us. I want to keep looking back, not in a negative way, but to see how God in his wisdom orchestrated the details of my life! 2020 Vision! Who knew?   Psalm 40:5

Many, Lord my God,

are the wonders

you have done,

the things you planned for us.

None can compare with you;

were I to speak and tell of your deeds,

they would be too many to declare.

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1 Comment

Mary Fawcett
Mary Fawcett
Jun 13, 2020

Your blog posts always touch the deepest part of my heart, sweet Kim! You are such a glorious light of hope in the midst of this troubled, chaotic world! And your family, of course, is wonderfully unique and beautiful in every way. Thank you so much for sharing the goodness of the Lord in your lives. I have memorized that verse from Psalm 40, and it has been a comfort and help in so many of my days. Love you so much! Mary, along with Pr. Bill Psalm 86:6

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