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No More Training Wheels

I remember the first time my daddy took the training wheels off my green banana seat bike. He ran along with me holding on to the back of my seat. I was wobbling all over the place. It was the art of learning to do the things that my dad was telling me to do... make small corrections, keeping my head up, eyes looking farther down the road and not going to slow. He took me up and down the block repeatedly until I was able to build up confidence to go on my own. 

As I have been studying it seems to me that the time in the desert for the Israelites was the time that their training wheels came off. Coming up out of decades of slavery had affected their perspective about God. They saw His power against the Egyptians but that didn't necessarily imply in their minds that He loved them. The 40 years of going around the desert was their opportunity to develop a dependency and relationship with God. 

Did I fall and biff it after my training wheels came off? Did I want to put the training wheels back on? Did the Israelites have everything they wanted in the desert? Did they want to go back to Egypt?  Absolutely! Test and Trials are never pleasant.  BUT, any parent, coach, mentor, teacher and our Heavenly Father know that these experiences accomplish growth and development.  They desire more than wanting you to be "HAPPY" for you to achieve your latent potential. 

My full potential is only going to be accomplished when I learn to trust God. Period! Trusting Him leaves no room for pessimism, by looking back at what WAS. Instead it requires that I look to the future and believe that God is not finished showing me ALL that He can do! ALS is an experience that has ripped off my training wheels and help me grow in my intimacy with God.  I have just replaced my life lesson banana bike seat for a deluxe ROHO cushion. 

Exodus 19:4 

‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.


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1 Comment

Mary Fawcett
Mary Fawcett
Oct 19, 2020

Dearest Kim, Your faith and growth in grace is a wonder to me! You teach me so very much! We bless you in this journey of faith and pray the strength of the Holy Spirit to accompany each step, as we know He does! We love you and your family so much! Have a blessed week. Abracos from Brazil!

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