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The other night when we were reminiscing about family memories I was mortified! The topic of my crabby, stressed and grumpy moments came up way to often. Even though it was not discussed in a judgmental way I was still embarrassed. I wanted to find some memory or period in time that wasn't being photo bombed with a discombobulated mother in the picture. My first instinct was to go out into the shed, unearth our picture boxes and provide some proof that I was not always a hot mess. Instead I was tucked into bed, left to contend with my wounded pride.

I couldn't fall asleep! The images from the past were now flashing brightly across my mind! I knew that I had a hard time balancing everything on my plate when I was working! However, I had specifically asked the Lord not to allow my children to remember my less than stellar moments. So then, why did my family remember these moments with such clarity? The hardest part of the whole situation was my inability to correct the damage or erase the impact. What was done was done!

As I lay in bed the Lord brought to mind the word REDEEM. Not only am I forgiven but but God in His mercy and grace can COMPENSATE for my faults, mistakes, and sins. Obviously I love it when I am a picture of strength, joy, courage and self control. My pride can get in the way of accepting the freedom of what I have done being redeemed. Trying to make excuses, defend my behavior, blame someone else, or live in denial doesn't change reality. Joe and Jessa I pray that when you look at me you are encouraged! If God can REDEEM my life for His glory He can do the same for you!


Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,

for those who are called according to his purpose.


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