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Joe and Jessa one of the best memories I have with my mom was when she came to see me in Brazil. We met with my Pastor's wife for "Color Analysis." Mary Fawcett was so kind to go through her information to help us determine what colors we should wear to best match our skin tone. She had dozens of fabrics in a variety of colors for us to go through. Winter, spring, summer, and fall were the categories that not only represented colors, but also depicted personalities and behavior characteristics.

As we searched through the material swatches Mary discussed textures, accessories, styles and patterns. My favorite part is when she started explaining how each category possessed certain personality traits. It became abundantly clear that my mom and I were not the same season! My mom was a summer and I was an autumn. Summers wore pastels, lace, and were known for being graceful. Autumns, fall colors, big textures and had gregarious personalities. She told me that I EMULATED my mom so I spoke softly, but I laughed like an autumn. So true!

Even though I was naturally inclined to act a certain way because of my God given personality, I had changed! My love for my mom made me her little apprentice without me even knowing it! I respected and admired her so I ended up copying her! The same can happen in our lives spiritually. We have a human nature that we struggle with yet Jesus gave us an incredible example. The more that we focus on what He did we will be impacted! Will our love, respect and admiration for Jesus make us His disciple? The way we act reveals who we EMULATE!


I Corinthians 11:1

Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.

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