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The Master's Tournament

Lou and I were watching a golf tournament and Justin Rose did a Morgan Stanley commercial. He said, "A golf course is designed to be difficult, to challenge your thinking and test your execution. But great minds are driven to seek out the complex. They see what others don't from an angle others won't take. They learn that embracing those challenges is what sets them apart."

What is it that drives some people to dig deep, embrace new challenges, push themselves, and keep looking for ways to conquer the task at hand? I think that the root factor is LOVE. In any given situation a person will be compelled to go above and beyond the norm when driven by passion. When we truly love someone, something, or a mission, we can find that we have strength, determination and courage to push ourselves. The commercial also stated that, "Great minds are driven to seek out the complex. They see what others don't from an angle others won't take." When life feels more like a golf course, it is going to take more than the feeling of LOVE and SKILLS to succeed. It requires a PERSPECTIVE! There are many things in life that are perplexing and seem impossible. This is when I need to look at God...not the problem! My prayer is that I live each difficult day with a intense LOVE for God, using the SKILLS He has given me, and FOCUSED on Him. The Master's Tournament!

2 Timothy 2 : 10

Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.

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😍Thank you, my dear friend for constantly being a blessing to me. Thank you for your love and prayers for my family! I love the music you choose for each of your messages! Love, Kathy


What a blessing you are, my sweet friend! Thanks for your perspectives to keep us on our toes and thinking.

Lora :)


Erin Long
Erin Long
May 16, 2021

Thank you Kim for helping us keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, as we run the race and play the course! You’re an incredible encouragement to me with your insight and example!

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