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The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.  Psalm 138:8

My friend Julie texted me these verses yesterday. They were exactly what my heart needed to hear. It is the LORD, my Heavenly Father, who will PERFECT the things that concern me. If I start looking for people to meet my needs I will be sadly disappointed. No one is perfect and we all are a work in progress. 

My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. As much as I love it there is one part that drives me crazy.  Betty thinks that Bob, Bing Crosby, is doing something wrong. Instead of confronting the issue or simply voicing a concern she runs away from him. She is too busy being disgusted by his  behavior that she ends up being the bigger jerk. In the end she realizes that she misjudged him and their relationship is restored. 

Unfortunately, all to often it is easy to get offended by the behavior of those closest to us. We assume we know their motives or intentions and find ourselves being devastated by less than perfect behavior. We are hurt because we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable to actually care about them. It isn't until we allow God into the scenario that we can respond appropriately. 

God has been demonstrating to me AGAIN that I am not able to control people or circumstances around me. I am not capable of mending relationships, changing hearts or creating peace! On my own I usually just complicate matters and add to the drama. I guess that is why Psalms 138 :8  made me cry happy tears! God is the one who will PERFECT and ACCOMPLISH the things that concern me! 

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Love you so, so much! Hoping and praying you will be blessed and rejoicing in this most holy of seasons! We wait in expectancy for the coming of our Lord to redeem all of creation! From Brazil! Mary and Bill

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