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I Know...

I have been blessed to have a small group of ladies come to my house each week to do a Bible study. We have been going through the Bible starting in Genesis. Each lesson challenges us to identify what the passage is saying about God, Jesus, or His plan. Each week has given us all a deeper understanding of God's character and power.

This lesson this week in Mark 4:35-41, is covering the details of Jesus calming the wind. Jesus is physically exhausted and sleeping in the back of the boat through a storm. In distress the disciples wake up Jesus. He gets up and says, "Silence! Be still." and the wind stopped blowing and it was calm. Then the disciples were in fearful awe because Jesus just controlled the weather. In Jewish culture only God could do that! The dialog in this passage is what stood out to me. When the disciples  woke Jesus up they didn't ask Him to help them. Instead they asked, "Don't you care that we are dying?"  To which He responded with two questions, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" The true crisis was they doubted His character. Their fear of the storm made them doubt that He cared. As a result they were afraid. For the first time I pictured myself in the boat actually listening to the conversation. "Don't you care that we are dying?" I picture the look in His eyes and it breaks my heart.  However, when I find myself focused on God not using His power to stop what is happening,  I too am in distress and afraid. My faith has to be grounded on God's character! God CAN do anything but when I don't see a way out, my faith in God's character can still say, "I Know My God Cares!" Mark 4:40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?


Big Daddy Weave - I Know (Official Lyric Video) - Thank you Angie for sharing this song with us last week. What a great picture of this weeks lesson!

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