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Awe and Wonder

I recently started studying the book of Leviticus in the Bible. When I heard that it is the first book that Jewish children are taught I was embarrassed.  I knew so little! In the process of trying to get accurate cultural and historical background information I reached out to my friend Diana who referred me to The very first video I watched on Leviticus gripped my heart and had me in tears. As the rabbi was explaining the different types of offerings and the procedures one in particular stood out to me. Most of the offerings were commanded, but not this one. This sacrifice offered up was an animal that you had cared for from your own flock. Other offerings were shared with the priests for food, but not this one. This offering was burned up completely to the Lord, a Whole Burnt Offering.  The Whole Burnt Offering is offered up to the Lord with a heart of Awe. The individual voluntarily comes to offer up the thing that they hold most dear back to God. The rabbi explained that the other offerings are given out of respect or love.  However, an offering based on awe is a deeper level of intimacy with God! To be in AWE of Him allowed Abraham to put Issac on the altar! I want to be able to see and look at God the way Abraham did!  Awe by definition is..."a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder." I am the one who must acknowledge that God is supremely LORD of ALL! And even though He needs nothing from me He wants a special close relationship with me! The ALL SUFFICIENT ONE delights when I am in awe of Him and hold back nothing from Him!  Every moment of every day I have to make the ultimate choice to get my eyes off of what I can see and instead be in AWE of God! 

I was convicted and challenged to actively concentrate on the aspects of God that fill me with AWE and WONDER! First,  the Names of God!  Second, a video that only begins to show what He created and sustains!  Link to Tony Evans // Praying and Pronouncing the Names of God:


Video: The WONDER of it ALL


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