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Intentional Servants

Joe and Jessa I worked for an school administrator who organized a team building retreat before school started. I thoroughly enjoyed everything we did but I didn't understand why he didn't give us more instructions. We followed a schedule of activities but at each event he was a silent observer. He later revealed his goal.

The whole time we were: taking turns flying a stunt kite on the beach, making bridges with popsicle sticks, driving go carts, preparing meals, doing dishes, having group devotions or cleaning up the facility to go home, he was watching. He noticed how the leaders took charge, the observant ones served and the others who didn't participate.

Granted we were all educated and reliable teachers but life would be bigger than just our individual classrooms at school. The administrator needed us to go beyond our set duties and see what we could do for the good of others. The challenge was to look around and get involved. This school year I pray you serve and intentionally help people around you more!


Philippians 2:20

I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare


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