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Velvet Sledgehammer

Joe and Jessa when I taught in Brazil I was mentored by my pastor's wife. Her endearing nickname was the Velvet Sledgehammer! I watched her transform high school students, where I taught, into an accomplished classical choir. I observed the way she consistently managed and maintained her beautiful home. I sat under her academically when she lead thought provoking Bible studies. I even talked to her about personal struggles and asked for her advice.

However, in the beginning of my second year I was reluctant to discuss my plan with her! I want to start attending a Brazilian, Portuguese speaking, church Sunday nights! She had seen many people deviate from their commitment to one church and in the end they stopped going all together. When I eventually shared my heart with her she did voice her concern but allowed me to venture out without withholding her friendship from me!

I will be forever grateful to Mary Fawcett. She was a consistent, Godly influence in my life when I was far from home! I was pushed, INDIRECTLY, by her to make much needed changes in my life and be committed to doing the right thing! I did end up going to the Brazilian church Sunday evenings but I remained faithful to my commitment and ministries at Calvary International Church! I learned the value of faithfulness because the Velvet Sledgehammer invested in me!


Proverbs 15:23

Every one enjoys a fitting reply;

it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!

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