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I Celebrate You

For the last week I have been listening to sermons and studying the Bible to learn more about marriage. I want to be a better wife. Being handicapped means that I must go back to the drawing board and figure out what I can do to accomplish what God asks of me. Lou daily loves and cares for me as my primary care giver and head of our household. I was being convicted that a simply grateful heart was not fully giving Lou the respect God wanted me to give.

The other night God gave me the opportunity to see Lou in a deeper way. In the middle of the night I wasn't able to breathe. My body went into complete panic attack mode. I wasn't able to move, communicate and I was completely helpless! Lou, without any practice and completely caught off guard, saved my life. Then he proceeded to tend to me physically and emotionally for the rest of the night.

When I woke up my mind was racing. In the process of praying that God helps me to be a better wife my husband came to my rescue I am convinced that God wants me to celebrate Lou! I am not supposed to merely be thankful I'm to highlight the character of his heart! As my husband it is my God given privilege to honor Lou and to notice all that God is doing in and through him DAILY! He is living proof that I Peter 3:7-8 men exist! Celebrate the husband God gave you with me!

On a very personal note, here is the note I wrote to Lou.

Thank you for coming to my rescue at 3 AM last night! I couldn't breathe in my dream only to wake up and find out it wasn't a dream! I don't know how you figured everything out! Nothing I said was understandable and this was a first time situation. You kept your cool and took care of me better than any nurse would! Turned down the AC, put the box fan on me, used the hose from the bipap machine to gently direct air to my face and position me so it was easier to open up my lungs. I even wet because my whole body was in a panic! Again you just handled it and quickly took care of cleaning everything up! If the graveyard shift wasn't exhausting enough you then got me up and gave me a deluxe shower and grooming spa! I am overwhelmed by You! Your love is so deep. You not only took care of my physical needs but the needs of my heart. I cried because I was scared. For the first time it was real! So you kept a hand on me the rest of the night. Not because I told you too but because you love me! I can't thank you enough for everything you do! You are one of a kind! You are the best husband in every way. I love and respect you!

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