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Bugs and Butterfly Moments

Joe and Jessa I think that every insect in Saluda County was alerted the day we came to town! "Woot Woot, Open Season!" They figured out that I was not able to shoo, smack, flick or run and they have been relentless! You have come to my rescue many times when I have come under attack! Not being able to avoid being stung, bit, or invaded is a helpless feeling! Having you BY me in "battle" has calmed my heart! This last Sunday we finally shared a different moment.

When you two got me unhooked from the van and parked on our driveway I had a butterfly land on my wheelchair joystick! Joe, you were the first one to see it. You whipped out your phone to take a picture and called Jessa over to see! You stood by me for a couple minutes while we enjoyed making a memory. It landed on our shoulders, let Jessa touch it, repeatedly took flight and came back while escorting us up the ramp to the front door!

Your care of me is a beautiful illustration of what God wants! (Romans 12:15) Demonstrate sincere compassion with people who are hurting and cheer when they are blessed! He asks us to do this without making judgments or with conditions! It comes down to putting the needs of others before our own, period! Whether they are HELPLESS or HAPPY, God wants me to respond to people like you take care of me! Thank you for loving me!


Romans 12:15

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.


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