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My Greatest Good

Joe and Jessa this weekend it will be a year since we were homeless for two weeks. Jessa's birthday plans were altered when the fire alarm went off in our apartment building at 3 AM Saturday morning. We called our dear friends the Brinbergs for a place to stay in the middle of the night. They graciously opened up their home and allowed us to stay with them the whole time we waited for the building to be fixed.

Initially, when all this was going down I was struggling. I didn't have my eye gaze computer to communicate, which forced me to be REAL with the Lord. There were many reasons why this whole situation was not okay with me. Poor Mr. Brinberg was recovering from surgery and in tremendous pain, you two had midterms to study for, which meant Daddy had midterms to generate and grade, the Nor'Easter coming through New Jersey required more preparation and work to prevent property damage to the Brinberg's and everyone's vehicles, Mrs. Brinberg was having to work in addition to taking care of her husband and our family, and I was not able to navigate around the bathroom in my wheelchair which made it hard for Mrs. Brinberg and daddy to take care of me! I found myself fretting and feeling like a burden, that things were out of control, and that I was helpless and I desperately wanted to fix everything.

The Lord brought to mind

Psalms 84:11


He reminded me that I was very similar to Mr. Frozone from the Incredibles. I was so frantically trying to come to the rescue and fix what I thought was a HOT mess that I was missing the Greatest Good, HIM. He was asking me to just enjoy Him in the midst of the crisis! When He spoke this to my heart the Lord actually helped me concentrate on Him and embrace the adventure!

Looking Back I Remember : Watching movies with everyone at night, endless M&M's and red licorice, Mrs. Brinberg playing the piano and you joining in , everyone playing in the snow and taking Buddy for a walk, laughter, playing games, yummy family meals together, you doing well on your midterms, Daddy getting all his school work done, and being able to enjoy time with our dear friends!

Clip from The Incredibles "Where is my super suit"

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