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Behind Door Number 1

I first started having ALS symptoms in October of 2012, but it wasn't until August of 2015 that a doctor definitively diagnosed me. My husband was determined to find out what was going on and took me to 15 different medical professionals. I kind of felt like I was playing the TV game show Let's Make a Deal!

As a child I loved the suspense of not knowing what was behind the doors. The not knowing made it exciting! I was able to enjoy the show because I didn't have any skin in the game. However, I now saw each doctor's door as a possible answer to my health questions. It was scary now, in this game I had REAL skin in the game, my life.

The day that we left Robert Woods Johnson Hospital at Rutgers I told Lou we should go out for ice cream. We officially knew what was wrong with me! Finally the last door was opened. I didn't cry, throw up or scream, which I thought I would back in 2012 if someone told me that is what I had. My heart was at peace! In the process of NOT knowing the Lord had been preparing my heart. He kept reminding me that HE knew what was wrong with me! He could see beyond the doors. We would find out what was wrong when HE thought it was best.

When door number one finally opened I was ready. The previous doors had prepared me for the final reveal. The other doors were opened when test results came back. I didn't have MS, Lyme, Brain tumor, Guillian Barre, Brain Bacteria. Cancer, Toxins in my blood, Infectious diseases, Spinal Cord Lesions or Digestive system complications. Any of the other " wonderful" possibilities that I was tested for were formidable issues. God knew the best way to get me mentally prepared. He got me to be thankful for what it wasn't! Ironically, the same trick still works! I am still able to be thankful for ALS and that I don't have a list of other deadly diseases! I am thankful for Door Number One and I am counting my blessings!

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


Accentuate the Positive

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