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Back in the summer of 2012 I had the privilege of attending a conference for administrators at CIU. Several conference speakers emphasized T. A. G. or Time Alone with God. This was in addition to daily devotions and vital for survival. Being in a position of leadership would always present bigger than life problems and information about people that you would rather not know. Practicing T. A. G would be the only way to be successful and not burn out!

The T. A. G sounded more like a date! Find a quiet place away from others and use the time to talk to the Lord and let Him talk to you. I had the perfect spot in mind. A lifeguard shack on the beach only blocks away from my house. Every Sunday morning I would get up before the sun and head to beach to spend T. A. G. time! For two hours I would sit! Some mornings all I could do was rattle on and on about what was happening , and other mornings just cry! Going on dates with the Lord ultimately began to impact the way I handled the days in between. I started smiling and just making a list of topics I wanted to talk about Sunday morning. Decisions to make, people who I was struggling with, insecurities I had, the hurts and struggles of others, impossible situations, things that made me mad, and situations that I thought He could hurry up and fix were just a few items on my list! The weight of the world didn't seem so daunting! I knew that I not only had a safe outlet to vent BUT the ONE I was debriefing with had ultimate power, love and authority!

October 2012 came and so did Hurricane Sandy! She proceeded to wipe out everything on the beach. Everything that is except for my date place with the Lord! The little lifeguard shack survived! Ironically, my first symptoms of ALS started the same weekend Sandy came to town! Symbolically my T. A. G time has survived the ALS storm! I no longer need to wait until Sunday mornings to have a date with the Lord! I have them several times a week. The time is still vital to me but in a whole new way!

God designed us to have dates with him! Adam and Eve experienced that kind of relationship! I want to be "at home" with Him the same way. No pretending, rhetoric, formalities, or trying to impress Him. I want to enjoy Him and the time we share. If you have never been on a date with the Lord I challenge you to go! T. A. G....Your turn!

Suggested Date Items to Bring for You to Talk to Him...

Prayer Journal and Pen

Praise Music

List of Items You want to Talk About

Water Bottle (for when you get thirsty from talking so much)

Suggested Date Items to Bring for the Lord to Talk to You...


Christian Music ( that reminds you of His heart for you)

Bible Study Materials

Recorded Sermons

Suggested Date Guidelines...

No phone calls

No checking messages

No making lists of things you have to do

Be Real

Be Open

Be Honest

Psalm 16:11

You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence

and the pleasures of living with you forever.

I Miss My Time with You - By Larnelle Harris

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