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Knowing Him with a Heart of a Child!

Jesus' crown by Jessa


Heart of a Child

Philippians 3:8

My daughter was 9 years old when she came up to me and asked if we had craft supplies to make a crown. I thought it was a great project for a Saturday afternoon so I didn't really ask her why until she started to ask me how to spell some pretty big words. "Jessa what are you doing?" I finally inquired. "I know that we can't take anything to heaven when we die but I want to make a crown for Jesus and give it to Him." She explained. She was decorating the crown with words that described who Jesus was to her. This was an incredible moment for me to observe! Even more so because for the last 4 months she had cried almost every day because she was feeling lonely and rejected! We had prayed together asking God to be near and real...I could see now that He had answered our prayers!

Yesterday at church I was challenged in my heart. What do I value more than KNOWING Jesus? I want to be like my little daughter and see Him near and real. So today I am going to write the first 20 things that I know about the Lord due to my ALS.

He is ...

1. Provider

2. Lifter up of my head

3. The Great Physician

4. Peace

5. Strength

6. All that I need

7. Wisdom

8. Unstoppable

9. Creative

10. Pleased

11. Merciful

12. Loving

13. Unshakable

14. On His Throne

15. Fighting for me

16. Not Surprised

17. Bigger

18. Holding me

19. Comforter

20. Protector

This journey is a long one. An epic adventure filled with teachable moments! Please pray that I will know Him more each day and stay true to the greatest quest of my life...

Knowing Him with a Heart of a Child!

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